Estimates of the number of missing persons in Iraq range from hundreds of thousandst to well over a million. Over 300 mass graves have already been identified and numbers are growing as more are discovered. This has overwhelmed the limited resources that humanitarian organisations in Iraq can call upon.  Seven years after the discovery of the mass graves in Iraq, the families of the missing still have no answers.

The Iraq's Missing Campaign was established to create high-profile campaigning and to provide direct practical relief and support to the relatives of missing and disappeared persons in Iraq. The campaign will draw on the sucess of the feature film 'Son of Babylon' as it engages audiences across the world with its deeply moving story of missing people in Iraq.

The successful identification of missing people in Iraq will help bring peace to families who’s band of suffering stretches decades. We believe this is an essential ingredient in the post-conflict peace process of Iraq.


Please check out our  online BLOG for recent news and updates about the campaign's current projects. Here you can also find useful links relating to the campaign and its work.

Take Action

There are so many ways that you can get involved and support the campaign, helping to bring peace to suffering families in Iraq. The 'Take Action' section gives you some inspiring ways to get involved. 

Online Help-Centre

The missing person's help centre is currently in development. It is an online resource that the relatives of the missing can visit to access information, guidance and support.

About the Campaign

The IMC was established in 2010 to provide direct practical relief and support to the relatives of missing and disappeared in Iraq. We do this by both high-profile campaigning and support for local projects.

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